The AnteAGE® Anti-Aging Skincare System

AnteAGE® MD contains twice the Stem Cytokines™ found in AnteAGE®, along with additional ingredients to provide enhanced anti-aging, pro-healing and anti-inflammatory benefits. With daily use it improves the health and appearance of skin, no matter what one’s age, and is particularly well suited for use as a topical adjuvant to promote healing and reduce inflammation following medical esthetic procedures.

The stem cell technology behind AnteAGE® MD is cutting edge and published in multiple peer-reviewed medical journals. Combining it with more than a dozen additional scientifically proven actives makes AnteAGE MD uniquely effective and the most complete skincare system available.

Its powerful ingredients also make it the perfect post-procedure topical adjuvant following laser, microneedling, abrasive, and other ablative or collagen inducting medical esthetic treatments.

The SerumThe Accelerator

See What People are Saying about AnteAGE® SkinCare System


  • I used AnteAge 24 hours after a dermastamp treatment…my skin was very red and horribly bruised. As expected, the bruising was still there this morning, but a lot of the redness had diminished. I have not used AnteAge post-treatment in the past, and it does appear to speed the healing.


  • I’ve noticed much less redness. For the last few days, for the first time in years, I’ve been able to apply a light foundation without using concealer to tone down my cheek blotchiness.


  • I have been using AnteAGE for 5 days now. I find the serum + accelerator system to be very quick and simple which is good because I am always in a hurry in the mornings. The texture and smell is very pleasant. Feels good going on. What I have already noticed, to my surprise, is that my skin color is changing. I tend to have a blotchy redness and a tendency to flaking (occasional full blown eczema for which I sometimes have to take meds). I feel like my skin is calmer now than it has been in years, and my color has really “un-reddened”. My face is also much smoother, probably from being hydrated and nourished (even though I was using a moisturizer before).


  • I would like to report on my progress after using the serum for three weeks. I really love this product and I think it has improved my under-eye area by plumping up some lines and I think my pores are smaller and redness diminished. It is a real pleasure to use this product. It is high quality stuff.


  • I love the serum. I have been using it for only a week but really enjoy putting it on and it is hydrating enough for me. I feel like my skin is very clear and it helps reduce redness. My pores seem to be less noticeable too.So far I love the AnteAGE serum; there is some substance to it. And I think my skin looks brighter. At some point I may stop my other products and just use the AnteAGE.
  • The dark spots from my pregnancy around my mouth faded away.


  • Overall, I have been extremely pleased with this product. Pesky red blotches and dark splotches (melasma) have all but completely disappeared. My skin just feels really good to me, soft and smooth, and everyone else tells me how great it looks to them. Husband included!, My skin is definitely tighter, and the crop of fine lines I was growing around my eyes and mouth are barely noticeable now. I visited my esthetician for the first time in three months (electrolysis), and she was very impressed (and said she wants to carry AA for her salon).


  • I have been using AnteAGE for almost two weeks now. I have blotchy skin, always some red areas on my cheeks and nose, and made doubly worse because of melasma (darker blotches) on my neck and chin since my last pregnancy. I use foundation to cover up and hide my “harlequin face” as I call it. Today for the first day in as long as I can remember I came to work “bare faced”. I know it’s only been 2 weeks, but I swear my red has disappeared, and my melasma is fading. Not perfect by any stretch, but better than I ever hoped. Another woman here at work has started AA, that makes 4 just in my company. I work in the high tech capital of the world where people tend to believe in medical science and technology. I think AA is catching on here like crazy, because it works and because the science is valid and makes sense.
  • I would like to report on my progress after using the serum for three weeks. I really love this product and I think it has improved my under-eye area by plumping up some lines and I think my pores are smaller and redness diminished. It is a real pleasure to use this product. It is high quality stuff.


  • I have been using the Serum for about 20 days and I thought I would post an initial review. I have had acne for 35 years so using the Accelerator was a no no. I have been using Retin A .1% nightly for about 10 years to keep my acne under control, but always had at least a few pimples at any given time. I use 2 pumps of serum morning and night. At night I try to wait 20 minutes after I apply the serum before I use the Retin A. I also did a 1.5mm dermaroll last Wednesday night, waited a half an hour and then applied the serum. What I have noticed so far from using the serum: No more redness from the Retin A. My crazy oily skin is normalized!. The serum seems to have done what 3 courses of Accutane was never able to accomplish. No new acne in the last 2 weeks. My skin is even toned and the pores are smaller – probably because of the reduced oil. 3 days after the dermaroll my skin is presentable. In the past it would take 4 or 5 days. I was planning on using the serum for the weeks leading up to the roll and then for a couple of weeks after. I have seen such positive improvements in my skin that I will be using indefinitely!
  • I remain totally delighted with the results I have seen. I have also also dermarolled with AnteAge twice now, two weeks apart. This combination has caused the wrinkles around my mouth and on my upper lip to practically disappear. I had already seen my dark patchiness disappear, and texture smooth out. This combination has gotten me to a point where I can honestly say I look at least 5 – 7 years younger than when I started. And I’m still seeing month-to-month changes!

  • “I saw the small wrinkles around my eyes disappear.”

  • “Helped with wrinkles on my checks.”