Our Skincare Manifesto

Skincare products that deliver what they promise are more the exception than the rule. The reason is simple: most consumers are not trained in skin science and medicine, setting the stage for marketers (and charlatans) to exploit unwary consumers into buying products based on questionable science, bad science, or no science at all.

Need proof? Just count the number of times a day a young beautiful woman with flawless skin and hair beckons you to try some product without explaining how it works. Television, magazines and the internet are full of them. The physician-scientists of Cellese are committed to breaking that mold.

On the pages of this website (and on our non-commercial website, barefacedtruth.com) you will see that we are on your side. We teach, we inform, we entertain. We want consumers to make informed buying decisions and provide valuable tools to help them do just that.

Are we trying to sell our products? Sure. But not by telling stories that don’t make sense, like promising decades of wrinkles and sun damage will magically disappear by slathering on Antarctic mud…or is it Alaskan mud? What about snail slime? Or pills that contain digested cow hide? None of that here.

What is here is more science than you will find on nearly every other skin product site. Why? Because we have a lot to explain to you. For the science types (especially those versed in cellular biology and medical science), it will make sense quickly. For others, we hope you will stay with us and do the necessary Google searches to confirm that what we say is true. We want you convinced our science is valid. We want you convinced that when we say “the most scientifically advanced anti-aging skincare system in the world”, we speak the truth.

AnteAGE products all start with a deep dive into peer-reviewed scientific literature, to learn as much as possible about the physiology and cellular pathways that cause whatever skin condition for which we are formulating a state-of-the-art product. Sometimes the science is only a few months old. Although we are old dogs, we are always eager to learn new tricks.