Cytokines in AnteAGE®

Cytokines are important natural biochemicals in the human body  and key ingredients in AnteAGE®. Cellese produces them using proprietary methods of laboratory stem cell culture. Because only the cytokines are used, AnteAGE® contains no cells or cell parts. Cellese optimizes the mix of cytokines in the laboratory to maximally enhance their ability to beautify the appearance of skin with regular use.

The graphs below demonstrate the cytokine and growth factor profiles in  Stem Cytokines™.  There are no cells or cell parts  in AnteAGE®.


Particular cytokine names may not be familiar to you, but what is paramount is the overall pattern of the profile. There are elevated values (high peaks) minimal values (low peaks) and “none detected” (not enough present to measure even with these extremely sensitive assays).

The ratio of TIMP’s to MMP’s in AnteAGE® reflects a balance that will improve the appearance of skin.